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Apron - Green/Navy

Groen (Laurel) Apron - Green/Navy Apron - Green/Navy
Groen (Laurel) Apron - Green/Navy Apron - Green/Navy
Cooking and baking is all the rage.
Complete your kitchen outfit with the checkered apron of the brand DDDDD.
Like the oven gloves and the potholders , this apron is made of 100% sustainable quality cotton.
Easy to wash and use often.
The apron has two front pockets that offer space to store cooking utensils, spices or a tea towel.
And super handy! The apron has an adjustable neck strap and waistband. In short, a real one size fits all instead of the well-known one size fits nobody.
The apron measures 85 x 85 cm.


Variatie: Apron - Green/Navy
The handles of the pans in the Hooimadam can be quite hot. Therefore, combine Boerenbont Hooimadam with these stylish oven mitts.
€ 17,95
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