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How to use

Congratulations with your new Haymadam!
The Haymadam® is essentially a cosy which replicates the old haybox used in the past to cook or keep food hot while labourers worked the fields. The wool-filled Haymadam® has excellent isolating qualities, and absorbs moisture and odours.

The Haymadam® is especially suited for:
·        Cooking rice: it doesn’t burn, stays hot and wells perfectly
·        Drawing spices and soup: The Hooimadam® keeps food hot for about three hours
·        Stewing meat: pre-roast the meat, add liquid and place the pan in the Hooimadam®
·        Cooking beans, beetroots and other dishes that require a lot of time
·        Keeping sauces hot while cooking: they don’t form skins, the sauce will not boil or get 
·        Keeping food hot for latecomers
·        Picnics, camping or on the boat
·        Keeping items chilled.

The length of time that the food will stay hot depends on how much is in the pot. Rule of thumb:
Up to 1 hour at 70 °C
Up to 2 hours at 54 °C
Up to 3 hours at 38 °C

Make sure that your pot is at least half-full. The fuller the pot, the longer its contents will stay hot.

·        The Haymadam® reduces your energy bill. Intense use saves as much as 30% for
·        Food prepared with the Haymadam® cooks slowly, making it taste much far better
·        You are not forced to remain continuously at the stove: food prepared using the
          Haymadam® will not burn
·        The Haymadam® is cheaper than a haybox and is much more compact
·        The entire cooking process is more flexible since you are bound strictly to time
·        The Haymadam® virtually eliminates the need for a microwave oven

The Haymadam® is filled with wool and can therefore be hand washed only! Handle it as you would an expensive sweater or jersey: wash carefully, don’t wring it out, only press/squeeze it and lay it out flat to dry. To prevent it from getting soiled line the inside with a cloth or tea towel before inserting a pan.

When you remove the pan from the Haymadam® its lid or handles will be hot. The temperature is still 70 degrees after an hour, while after two hours it will be 56 degrees. Use oven mittens to remove the pot from the Haymadam®.
The Haymadam’s® cotton covering can withstand high temperatures. The pan can be inserted directly from the grill/oven. However, the Hooimadam® is not suited for pans containing boiling oil!

To order and/or if you would like more information see:
The Haymadam® is a product of O.M.A. and is covered by international patents
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