Hooimadam – Cooking bag – set (Large + Hooikus/Reducer)

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This Hooimadam is a slow cooker without a plug. The set consists of a large Hooimadam for pans with a maximum diameter of 26 cm and a Hooikus. With the Hooikus you reduce the space in the large Hooimadam. The less space in the Hooimadam, the better the insulation value.

Most important features:

  • Perfect insulation
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to store/carry
  • Handmade


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Most important features:

  • Perfect insulation
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to store/carry
  • Handmade

What are the advantages of a Hooimadam®?

Time saving
Because the dish cannot burn in the Hooimadam® and there are no safety risks during preparation, you have your hands free to spend your time on other things.

Perfection insulation
Thanks to the wool filling, the Hooimadam® insulates excellently. After 3 hours in the Hooimadam®, a dish is still around 50 degrees and can even be higher with a cast iron pan, for example.
In addition, the wool absorbs moisture and reduces odors during cooking. So you have no fumes and the whole house doesn’t smell like food.

The Hooimadam┬« is a modern and handy version of the hay box. However, the Hooimadam┬« is not a box, but a cotton casing filled with sheep’s wool and therefore easy to fold and store. This makes it indispensable in the kitchen, on the boat or in the caravan. The wool filling of this cooking bag will ‘shed’ during use. This is not a problem and is a natural process of this natural product.

Want to buy Hay Madam?
This can be done quickly and easily at Hooimadam. You can choose from a large Hooimadam or a small Hooimadam and there is an option to order a so-called Hooikus. The Hooikus is a reducer that puts you in between the large and small Hooimadam in terms of size.

Do you want multiple Hooimadams or a complete set? Then take a look at our affordable Hooimadam sets. You can combine all our colors and designs with each other.


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