Frequently Asked Questions

What size do I need for my pans?

The diameter we indicate concerns the bottom of the pan excluding handles.

Which Hooimadam® is best to choose?

It is best to choose a Hooimadam® that best suits the size of pan(s) you cook with. The insulating effect is at its best when there is as little ‘air’ as possible. Combine your Hooimadam® with a Hooikus to make the Hooimadam® one size smaller. Or take advantage of our set offer to have a suitable size for all your pans and always be able to cook with 2 pans at the same time.

Can I wash the Hooimadam®?

We recommend doing this as little as possible. Use a protective cloth/tea towel as much as possible during use to protect the Hooimadam® against stains. If a stain has appeared and you want to wash the Hooimadam®; preferably do this with hand wash (bucket) and then let it dry flat. If you put the Hooimadam® in the washing machine, there is a good chance that the wool will shrink and/or shift.

What is a Hooimadam®?

A Hooimadam® is a cooking bag inspired by the hay box of the past. The Hooimadam® is a kitchen aid for cooking and keeping your dishes warm/cold. To cook your dish, first bring it to the boil on your regular stove. When it boils and the heat is good in the pan and the dish, place it immediately in the Hooimadam®. Because the dish cools down a bit compared to the constant supply of heat on a stove, you have to allow a little more time for cooking. Allow approximately 1/3 extra cooking time. This may differ per type of pan. For dishes lasting +2 hours, it may be wise to reheat once in between.

Which pans are suitable for a Hooimadam®?

The Hooimadam® is suitable for any pan material. Please note; a cast iron pan takes longer to heat up on the stove, but has the property of retaining heat well. This can help if you want to make a dish in the Hooimadam® that requires a long preparation time.

A lid with steam holes can release a lot of moisture, causing the Hooimadam® to become wet and this reduces the insulating effect.

Is the Hooimadam® only suitable for hot food?

No, you can also serve cold dishes in the Hooimadam. Because the Hooimadam has good insulation, you can also put cold dishes in the cooking bag and take it with you when you go on a picnic, for example. Think of desserts, (soft) drinks, fruit, etc.

What is a Hooimadam® made of?

The Hooimadam is filled with high-quality insulating sheep’s wool (no, not hay) and finished with a cotton covering in various prints.