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2 personen koken met de stoffen hookist de Hooimadam

We, Melvin Hendriks and Olga Brouwer, are the current owners of the Hooimadam. In August 2021 we acquired the Hooimadam from SamSam Zweden b.v. The Hooimadam was developed and founded by Nicoline (†13-11-2018) and Fred and is therefore an OERDutch product.

‘Cooking and saving energy is not difficult as long as you use the Hooimadam as a kitchen aid’

Our goal is to give people a tool in the kitchen that allows you to save energy in a sustainable and simple way. And an additional advantage is that the food retains its taste better and that vitamins and minerals are not lost during cooking.

As we move with the times, this will also apply to the Hooimadam. Of course without losing sight of sustainability. For example, all materials are purchased in Europe and production is carried out in Europe. The packaging materials are also taken into account, which are sustainable and/or recyclable.

‘With the Hooimadam you create time for yourself at a peak time of the day’

We do everything we can to deliver your order as quickly as possible.We do everything we can to deliver your order as quickly as possible.
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With kind regards,

Olga & Melvin

Message from the founders of the "fabric haybox"

We, Nicoline Hooijmans and Fred Dijkstra, came up with the Hooimadam based on something very simple, as is usually the case.
We always put our pot of soup and beans, the stew and the rice in our bed to be cooked, nicely covered with the wool duvet. Now we have our bedroom on the ground floor and not everyone has that. The idea of ​​having to go up and down the stairs with a hot pan didn’t seem very healthy to us. That is why the idea arose to make a modern hay box that you can simply store in a kitchen cupboard and put on your countertop when you need it.
It took another six months before the idea was so crystallized that we could convert it into a good product. But here she is “the cooking bag”: our Hooimadammeke!

Have fun and enjoy it.

Nicoline Hooijmans ( † 13-11-2018) & Fred Dijkstra

Groene cookingbags met sterren van de Hooimadam