Hooimadam schaap wit met zwart

Hooimadam® save energy with this cooking bag.

In the past, the Hay Box was used to keep food warm for workers in the field and to cook food. A great invention that is still used today. However, a hay box does not fit everyone’s household in terms of price and size. That is why we have a handy alternative: the Hooimadam®.

You place the hot pan in the Hooimadam® and it does the work. Your food continues to cook and does not burn. Because you cook slowly, the vitamins, minerals and taste are retained. Cooking with the Hooimadam® is a form of slow cooking and energy-saving cooking.

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By cooking with a Hooimadam you save an average of 30% on energy.


A traditional Dutch sustainable and honest handmade product.

Delivered worldwide

We deliver our products carefully, quickly and all over the world.

Choose the right size Hooimadam®

For pans up to Ø 21 cm
For pans up to Ø 26 cm
For pans up to Ø 32 cm

Why cook with a Hooimadam® cooking bag?

The Hooimadam®  was conceived with love and manufactured with respect for people, animals and the environment. With the Hooimadam® you can cook energy-efficiently. It is available in different sizes, easy to store and also very affordable.

By cooking with the Hooimadam®, your dish only needs to be on the stove for a much shorter time, so you can save a lot on your energy costs. You can use the Hooimadam® for almost all your daily meals; Not only stews, but also your rice, pasta and potatoes can be prepared in the Hooimadam®.

This cooking bag is for anyone who wants to save on energy bills, care for the environment, sometimes runs out of energy, wants to keep food warm, likes slow food, is looking for a good and affordable alternative to the hay box, or is very curious. to this lady. This modern hay box is also your ideal kitchen helper for the boat, in the caravan, camper or trailer tent.

Explore the world with the Hooimadam®

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Duurzame wereldbol

More sustainable world

How do we contribute?

We try to choose the most sustainable option in all the choices we make.

  • Our filling is made of sheep’s wool. This has a long lifespan and is biodegradable.
  • There are no materials in our product that we consider unnecessary.
  • We pack and ship our packages completely without plastic.
  • Our shipping bags are made of grass and kraft paper. This way the knife cuts on both sides; In addition to the recycling value, they also take up less space at the courier, allowing the courier to take more packages in the same journey.
  • Our printing is all printed on paper made from agricultural waste.
  • And our production from start to finish is completely European.

Discover our ‘green idea’ because a lower energy bill starts with you 😉


Sustainable cooking is a way of cooking that takes into account the environment, health and sustainability of food production and consumption. It’s about producing as little waste as possible, saving energy, and using sustainable, local and complementary ingredients.

Cooking with the Hooimadam® not only saves energy, but you also save your wallet. How nice is it that you can also prepare your food in the afternoon and that the Hooimadam® cooks your food without you having to worry about it. The Hooimadam® also keeps your food nice and warm, so if anyone is late due to… work or exercise, then your food will not burn.

Bon appetit! 

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