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Oven glove

Groen (Laurel) Oven glove
Groen (Laurel) Oven glove
Cooking and baking is all the rage.
But burning your hands on a pan or oven dish that is too hot is a thing of the past with these stylish oven gloves from DDDDD.
The oven gloves are made of 100% sustainable quality cotton and filled with 100% polyester.
The gloves are easy to wash and to use for a long time.
The hanging loop is handy. Hang them in a handy place in your kitchen so you have a nice eye-catcher and you can quickly grab them while cooking.
The oven glove has a size of 18 x 36 cm and is packed per two pieces. .


Variatie: Oven glove
The handles of the pans in the Hooimadam can be quite hot. Therefore, combine Boerenbont Hooimadam with these stylish oven mitts.
€ 9,95
Price per unit


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