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Hooimadam large (L) - Black (Checkered)

This model of the Hooimadam is suitable for pans with a maximum diameter of 26 cm.
Smaller pans can also be used in combination with a Haykus.

The Hooimadam is a modern and handy version of the Hay box.
However, De Hooimadam is not a coffin, but a cotton casing filled with sheep's wool.
It weighs 400 grams and is easy to fold and therefore easy to store.
Indispensable in the kitchen, on the boat or in the caravan.

Place your hot pan in the Hooimadam and she will ensure that your dish continues to cook; does not burn and vitamins and minerals are preserved.
For example, cooking is not a time-consuming and attentive job, but you can relax with a book, children / family / friends or your favorite series on the couch while you cook food.


Variatie: Hooimadam large (L) - Black (Checkered)
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