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Ever heard of the hay box? It was used in the past to keep food warm for the workers in the fields and to cook food. A great invention that is still being made and used.

However, a hay box does not fit everyone's household in terms of price and size. And that's a shame. That is why we have an alternative to the hay box. We have given the hay box a more manageable look and provided it with an even better insulating effect. Her name is the Hooimadam®

Cooking is super easy with the Hooimadam as a kitchen aid.
You put the hot pan in the Hooimadam and she does the work. Your food will continue to cook and will not burn. In addition, cooking with the Hooimadam is super healthy by preserving taste, vitamins and minerals in your dishes.​ Look at our recipes page for tasty dishes where you can use the Hay Madam.
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