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The Heamadam

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Sustainable cooking

Have you ever heard of the haybox? It was used in the old days to keep food warm for the workers in the field and to slow cook food – a great invention that is still produced and used today.

However, due to its size and price, the haybox, isn’t suitable for every household. And that’s a shame.

That is why we have redeveloped the haybox and given it a more practical design and improved insulation.

We call her the Haymadam.

Click on ‘Demonstratiefilm’ to see how the Haymadam works.

Place your pan with rice inside and you won’t ever need an electric slow cooker again. It’s an easy way to slowly cook beans, beets and to stew meat, it’s completely hassle free! But it’s also a great way to keep sauces and meals warm for latecomers.

The Haymadam was developed with love and is made with respect for humans, animals and the environment. It’s available in two sizes, is easy to store and very affordable. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to lower their energy bill, cares for the environment, is a little short on space on the hob sometimes, anyone who wants an affordable alternative to the haybox or who has become extremely curious about this madam.

We wish you happy cooking,

Nicoline Hooijmans and Fred Dijkstra


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